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Password security for non-technical users

Forget everything you might have heard about complex passwords and how to make passwords. Here is the cold, hard truth.


Auditing Business Applications

This GTAG helps auditors understand why it is important to provide assurance over business applications and how to identify and assess the relevant risks and standardized and system-specific controls when performing audit engagements.

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Guidance on Remote Auditing

This publication is developed with specialists from the Internal Audit Service from the European Commission for the use of Internal Auditors.

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Using evolving technologies to improve collaboration

New IIA International Guidance on how GRC Softwarec can support Risk Management and Internal Audit.

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Internal Audit’s Role in ESG Reporting

New white paper from IIA: Learn more about how internal audit can support ESG objectives, and how IIA Standards position internal auditors to add value.

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IIA Norge 70 år – en kort oppsummering

Fredag 8. oktober feiret IIA Norge og de øvrige nordiske landene 70 år som IIA-institutter.

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ISO Guidance and the Three Lines Model

Good governance requires collaboration: ISO 37000 and the Three Lines Model, an elegant alignment.

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OnRisk 2022

A Guide to Understanding, Aligning, and Optimizing Risk offers an eye-opening and in-depth examination of the top 12 risks for 2022, along with six key observations from the boardroom, C-suite, and internal audit.


Auditing Anti-corruption Activities

This practice guide discusses the role of internal audit in anti-corruption efforts and describes an effective anti-corruption program.


Governance trends 2021

Four Priorities for Boards, Management & Governance Professionals

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