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IT Essentials for Internal Auditors

New Global Technology Audit Guide from IIA. This GTAG is considered «Supplemental Guidanc» and provides additional information, advice, and best practices for providing internal audit services.

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Covid-19 – Kostnadsfrie standarder

Standard Norge har i forbindelse med koronautbruddet gjort tilgjengelige flere standarder kostnadsfritt. Flere standarder som kan bidra til virksomheters robusthet i krise, gjøres midlertidig også tilgjengelig for kostnadsfri nedlasting.

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Internal Audit in the Covid-19 era

No one anticipated the massive COVID-19 disruption, but organizations worldwide have placed heavy demands on internal auditing to help them stabilize disruptions and support business continuity. Internal audit has answered the call.

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Tone at the Top: Keeping the doors open

The COVID-19 pandemic has been called the biggest crisis of our lifetime. But it is not simply a crisis. Instead, we are in the midst of cascading waves of crises and risk events.

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New Practice Guide: Developing a Risk-based Internal Audit Plan

To add value and improve an organization’s effectiveness, internal audit priorities should align with the organization’s objectives and should address the risks with the greatest potential to affect the organization’s ability to achieve its goals. This practice guide will help the CAE and internal auditors create and maintain a risk-based internal audit plan.

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Privacy and Data Protection

This report from the IIA serves as a how-to guide to assist internal auditors in assessing their current level of preparedness regarding privacy and data protection issues, particularly as their approaches relate to the present state of the profession overall.

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Erfaringer med outsourcing av internrevisjon ved NTNU

NTNU var en av 72 statlige virksomheter som ble pålagt å vurdere behovet for internrevisjon i henhold til rundskriv R-117 fra Finansdepartementet i 2016. NTNU konkluderte positivt og vurderte full outsourcing som mest hensiktsmessig. I dette intervjuet forteller seniorrådgiver Kirsten Ballo Prestøy om NTNUs erfaringer så langt.

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The COSO ERM Certificate Program

This is an unique opportunity to learn the concepts and principles of the updated ERM framework and to be prepared to integrate the framework into your organisation’s strategy-setting process to drive business performance.

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Internal Audit and Pandemics

Internal audit can play a vital role in pandemics from two perspectives. Read IIA Australia’s fact sheet on internal audit and pandemics.

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Agile Internal Audit

Leading practices on the journey to becoming agile. Download the latest Global Knowledge Brief from IIA to see if your team and stakeholders are ready to adapt.

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