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Data analytics as an audit tool – advantages and some experiences

Data analysis as used by internal auditors is the process of identifying, gathering, validating, analyzing, and interpreting various forms of data and some key benefits are:

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Internal auditor as Gardener of Governance

As long as I have been working in this profession, I have found auditors to be questioning as to the role and effectiveness of the work they do.


IIA står samlet i solidaritet med Ukraina

On behalf of the IIA family, the internal audit profession, and our members around the world, our hearts are with the people of Ukraine in the wake of this terrible conflict and resulting humanitarian crisis.

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Prioritizing Environmental, Social and Governance

Exploring Internal Audit’s Role as a Critical Collaborator.

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Change and project assurance

The best audit teams play an active role in project assurance and, sometimes, a role in broader change management assurance.

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Myths about auditing culture

Let me share 2-3 myths about culture and 2-3 of the fundamentals for internal audit teams.

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Auditing Mobile Computing

Internal auditors need to understand common technologies that enable remote work, the significant risks arising from remote access, and standard controls that prevent, detect, or remediate unauthorized access or sharing of information.

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COVID-19: Enhancing the value of governance

How boards can turn to internal audit for beneficial assurance, advice, and input on ESG data to use in their governance role.

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Data analytics for internal auditors

Four steps to starting internal audit’s data analytics journey. Demystifying the world of data analytics.

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Are we ready?

Now is the time for internal auditors to think and act boldly about the activities needed to help their organizations manage known and unknown risks.

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