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Guidance on Remote Auditing

This publication is developed with specialists from the Internal Audit Service from the European Commission for the use of Internal Auditors.

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Using evolving technologies to improve collaboration

New IIA International Guidance on how GRC Softwarec can support Risk Management and Internal Audit.

Kvalitet og metode English

ISO Guidance and the Three Lines Model

Good governance requires collaboration: ISO 37000 and the Three Lines Model, an elegant alignment.

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Risk in Focus 2022

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt the corporate landscape in the present, the new edition of the ECIIA Risk in Focus report highlights climate change as the rising risk of the future.

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Realize the full potential of artificial intelligence

Applying the COSO Framework and principles to help implement and scale artificial intelligence.

Kvalitet og metode English

A practical take on agile auditing

Agile auditing, when translated into practical terms, is a simple and straightforward approach to deliver efficient and effective internal audit products.

Kvalitet og metode English

Guidelines for Governance

IIA Norway has launched sector independent guidelines for governance which focuses mainly on internal governance.

Blogg English

Why organisations should focus on process risks

The weakness of a risk matrix is that it is based on a static picture of a specific problem.


Guidelines for governance

Veileder for virksomhetsstyring som ble lansert og utgitt i mars, er nå oversatt til engelsk.


20 % discount on the CIA in May

In celebration of International Internal Audit Awareness month and to address the critical need for internal audit in these extraordinary times, The IIA is offering IIA members a 20 % discount on the Certified Internal Auditor.

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