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The Long Game on Falling Short

Boards are falling short when it comes to challenging
management. As a result, they may not be gaining all the information they need for sound corporate governance.

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Risk committees must not be risk owners

Do risk committees serve a useful role or are they trying to attain a goal that is in fact unachievable? If risk committees are inadequate, they can expose an organisation to significant financial losses and seriously damage its reputation.

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Climate change and environmental sustainability

This Practical Guidance is developed to help internal auditors address some of the key risks identified in Risk in Focus 2021, with the aim of contributing to the reduction of their impacts on businesses and stakeholders and to better harness their

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The Three Lines Model

The report outlines essential governance elements and answers questions about implementing The Three Lines Model in different industries, with a focus on accountability, actions, and assurance and advice.

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Security in a Work-From-Home Environment

IT departments face a constant challenge with an ever-evolving threat landscape involving the technology used by employees as they work from home. Do your homework on WFH threats, implement the recommendations, and use the resources.

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Macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty

This practical guidance is part of the Risk in Focus 2021 publication and addresses the key topic: macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty.

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How scared should we be of security in the cloud?

Cloud services bring a momentous opportunity to accelerate business through their ability to quickly scale the business, allowing us to be agile with our resources, and providing new opportunities for collaboration.

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Auditing Market Risk in Financial Institutions

Regulators and supervisors are focused on this risk, emphasizing the need for accurate models that can measure the capital impact of market activities on the financial viability of the institution.

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Lessons Learned from COVID-19

We must continue to evaluate both the short- and long-term impacts on business and social interactions at the micro and macro levels to ensure the lessons are learned, and not lost.

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Compliance Risk Management

This publication aims to provide guidance on the application of the COSO ERM framework to the identification, assessment, and management of compliance risks by aligning it with the C&E program framework, creating a powerful tool that integrates the concepts underlying each of these valuable frameworks.

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