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Internal Auditing: Assurance & Advisory Services – 4th Edition – hardcover

The textbook is organized in three sections: Fundamental Internal Audit Concepts, Conducting Internal Audit Engagements and Case Studies.

Performance Auditing

As information agents, internal auditors find ways to improve government operations and results by identifying performance problems, causes for corrective action, and providing assurance to stakeholders.

Leading the Internal Audit Function

While The IIA has provided standards and guidelines for the practice of internal audit through the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF), internal auditors and chief audit executives (CAEs) continue to experience difficulties when attempting to balance the requirements of the IPPF with management expectations. The true challenge for any internal auditor is to appropriately apply the Standards while exerting adequate independence and objectivity in the face of management pressure.


COSO Fraud Risk Management Guide

Issued by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO), this Fraud Risk Management Guide recommends ways in which governing boards, senior management, staff at all levels, and internal auditors can deter fraud in their organization.


Managing Risk in Uncertain Times

Successful organizations figure out ways to effectively manage their risks to thrive in an uncertain and rapidly changing world. This book is designed to help organizations better pursue opportunities and manage threats.

Raise the Red Flag

A valued resource for all internal auditors. Raise the Red Flag provides techniques and approaches that can be put into practice immediately.

Evaluating and Improving Organizational Governance

Evaluating and Improving Organizational Governance provides readers with a number of fundamental principles and practices to consider in framing their organization’s governance structures.

Delivering Audit Reports that matters

Take advantage of the realistic examples and practical checklists that bring the concepts alive and will help your team produce timely, clear audit reports with impact.


COSO – Veiledning i oppfølging av internkontroll

Veiledningen skal klargjøre oppfølgingen av internkontroll og gi veiledning på hvordan organisasjoner kan gjennomføre en målrettet og effektiv oppfølging.

Become a Strategic Internal Auditor (utsolgt)

In Become a Strategic Internal Auditor, you can learn how leading internal audit functions work with management to play a role in strategic initiatives.

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