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Logo for Global Internal Audit standards 2024, med de fem domenene plassert i en sirkel
Standarder for internrevisor

Global Internal Audit Standards, 2024

The Global Internal Audit Standards set forth principles, requirements, considerations, and examples for the professional practice of internal auditing globally.

IIA International Guidance

ChatGPT for Internal Auditors

Use cases, sample prompts, and key considerations when using Natural Language Processing tools.

IIA International Guidance

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Internal auditors will clearly have an important assurance and advisory role as organizations wrestle with AI choices and their implications.

IIA International Guidance

Artificial Intelligence – Cybersecurity Friend and Foe

Cybersecurity is the top risk consideration for internal auditors, and that will remain the case for the foreseeable future.

IIA International Guidance

ESG governance: questions boards should ask to lead the sustainability transition

Companies’ stakeholders from investors to citizens increasingly demand better sustainability performance and disclosures from businesses. Policymakers and regulators are also introducing new legislation on companies’ sustainability obligations and value chains.

IIA International Guidance

The role of Internal Audit in ESG in industrial and commercial companies

This position paper is a clear call for Board Members and Top Management to move towards a more sustainable business with Internal Audit as a valuable partner in this journey.

IIA International Guidance


The Digital Operational Resilience Act and its impact on Internal Audit in the Financial Services.


Third-Party Risk Management

A guide to optimizing third-party due diligence, controls, and monitoring so your institution can maximize value from the “mini operational and cultural ecosystems” that are third-party relationships.


A Journey into Auditing Culture

There are a number of emerging approaches to this type of audit, and this book provides both suggested approaches and a framework of areas to consider when examining the topic.

IIA International Guidance

Risk in Focus 2024

A major research report has revealed a looming poly-crisis as a series of high-impact risk events are occurring simultaneously and exacerbating a multitude of interconnected risks.

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