ChatGPT for Internal Auditors


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Use cases, sample prompts, and key considerations when using Natural Language Processing tools.

By November 2023, over 100 million people globally were regularly using ChatGPT. Businesses and individuals have praised the AI tool for its ability to save time spent on manual, time-consuming activities, using it for everything from writing emails and summarizing documents to developing code, Excel shortcuts, and PowerPoint presentations.

Because of these and other benefits, organizations across all professions and industries are using chatGPT and other Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools — and so can internal auditors. This guide will provide novice AI users with use cases and recommendations for how they can incorporate ChatGPT-style tools into their practice.

However, as with any technology, there are both risks and rewards — and the potential risks associated with publicly available tools cannot be overlooked. As always, internal auditors should remain vigilant about the inherent risks and diligent about the controls in place to avoid, share, accept, or mitigate those risks.