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IIA International Guidance

Auditing Identity and Access Management

This GTAG will help internal auditors understand key terms and how to approach an audit to ensure their organization’s IAM protocols help mitigate potential security and regulatory risks.

Veiledere fra IIA Norge

Guidelines for governance

This aim of this English language translation of the Norwegian Guidelines for governance is to reach a wider audience by making them accessible to English speaking employees in Norway, as well as to a wider international audience of public and private sector.

IIA International Guidance

Internal Audit’s Digital Transformation Imperative: Advances amid crisis

A new report from the Internal Audit Foundation and AuditBoard explores how audit departments’ use of technology has changed throughout this disruption, how that technology has helped audit teams to adapt, and how to determine the most effective technologies for teams to be successful.

IIA International Guidance

The impact of recent global trends

The impact of recent global trends on internal auditing in the insurance industry – a discussion paper from ECIIA.

Veiledere fra IIA Norge

Veileder for virksomhetsstyring

Den primære målgruppen for denne veilederen er alle med ansvar for virksomhetsstyring i privat eller offentlig sektor i Norge, samt andre som har en sentral rolle i denne styringen eller interesse for temaet.

IIA International Guidance

Internal Audit Assessment Tool for Audit Committees

The IIA has launched a new tool created specifically to provide boards and audit committees with the instrument they need to assess the quality of their internal audit activity. Don’t just guess, assess your organization’s internal audit activity with the new Internal Audit Assessment Tool.

IIA International Guidance

Climate change and environmental sustainability

This practical guidance is developed to help internal auditors address some of the key risks identified in Risk in Focus 2021, with the aim of contributing to the reduction of their impacts on businesses and stakeholders and to better harness their

IIA International Guidance

The Three Lines Model

The Three Lines Model helps organizations identify structures, design processes, and assign responsibilities that best assist the achievement of objectives and facilitate strong governance and risk management. It clarifies the main essential elements governance requires at its most basic: accountability, actions, and assurance and advice. Fundamentally this is what governance is.

IIA International Guidance

Security in a Work-From-Home Environment

IT departments face a constant challenge with an ever-evolving threat landscape involving the technology used by employees as they work from home. Do your homework on WFH threats, implement the recommendations, and use the resources.

IIA International Guidance

Practical guidance on macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty

This practical guidance is part of the Risk in Focus 2021 publication and addresses the key topic: macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty.

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