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Compliance Risk Management

This publication aims to provide guidance on the application
of the COSO ERM framework to the identification,
assessment, and management of compliance risks by
aligning it with the C&E program framework, creating a
powerful tool that integrates the concepts underlying each of these valuable frameworks.

IIA International Guidance

Practical guidance on cybersecurity and data security

This practical guidance is part of the Risk in Focus 2021 publication. It aims to provide a concise overview of key publications and existing tools developed by ECIIA.

IIA International Guidance

Applying the Internal Audit Ambition Model

The IIA’s new report, “From Conformance to Ambition: Applying the Internal Audit Ambition Model,” helps CAEs define internal audit’s full potential and align their ambitions with those of their organization. Understanding and applying the model also drives conformance to The IIA’s Standards, and helps communicate internal audit’s achieved levels of quality.

IIA International Guidance

Coordination and Reliance: Developing an Assurance Map

This practice guide takes the reader through the process of documenting assurance activities throughout an organization.

IIA International Guidance

Agile Auditing

Agile internal auditing (Agile IA) is derived from popular agile software development (Agile SD) methodologies and uses the values, principles, and practices of these in the execution of internal audit engagements.


Blockhain and Internal Control

COSO’s paper explains how COSO’s internal control framework can be used to design and implement controls to address the risks associated with blockchain technology, which relies on distributed ledgers to track information about assets such as digital currencies.

IIA International Guidance

Covid-19: The Initial Impact on Internal Audit Worldwide

Internal auditors also can bring new value to their organizations by weighing how the pandemic is affecting the organization’s operating model, demonstrating how audit insights can help, and providing assurance over strategies to remain relevant.

IIA International Guidance

How Organizations globally are responding to Covid-19

Thanks to the support of IIA affiliates around the world, this new survey of 1,341 internal auditors from 95 countries provides a global look at how organizations are striving to navigate the turmoil precipitated by the crisis.

IIA International Guidance

Defining, Measuring, and Communicating the Value of Internal Audit

This research provides insights into the applied practices addressing the value question and suggests concrete pointers on how to define, measure, and communicate the value of internal audit.

IIA International Guidance

Managing Corporate Fraud Risk during a pandemic

A Blueprint to Managing Corporate Fraud Risk During a Pandemic offers a practical approach to directly address the scenario of an increased risk of fraud (corruption, misappropriation of assets, fraudulent financial statements) in organizations due to the pandemic.

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