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Nye regler for innrapportering av CPE-poeng

Dersom du ikke rapporterer årlige CPE-poeng, risikerer du nå å miste sertifiseringen din!

To keep pace with developing trends and the ever-changing risk landscape, it is essential for IIA certification holders to regularly enhance their knowledge, skills, and competencies through continuing professional development. Certification holders renew their certifications annually and demonstrate their commitment to keeping their knowledge current and their skills sharp by earning and attesting to continuing professional education (CPE) credit hours throughout the year. The IIA’s commitment to continued education helps to uphold the internal audit profession’s reputation for providing assurance and insight in an objective and ethical manner which serves to benefit all certification holders, their employers, and stakeholders alike.

Certification Renewal Requirements

Annual Certification Renewal opens 1 October each year. Log in to the Certification Candidate Management System (CCMS) to begin your renewal.

The renewal deadline is 31 December each year. Should you fail to renew your Active certification, it will enter a Grace status, and as a result, you are no longer approved to represent yourself as a certified individual. NEW: Individuals remaining in Grace for 2 years will enter a Revoked status and must reapply and retest if they wish to become certified again!

As an IIA certified or qualified professional, you are responsible for ensuring that your certification is renewed annually. You must log in to CCMS to complete your certification renewal. Get more information on certification renewal steps for Active and Grace status certification holders.

What is changing? 

The most significant policy change is that once a certification is expired, it cannot be reinstated. The certification is revoked if the holder goes 3 years or longer without reporting CPE. If an individual with a revoked certification wishes to become certified again, they must reapply to the certification program and pass all required exams to recertify

  • Any surplus of CPE acquired during a calendar year may be used for the following calendar year reporting cycle (20 hours max for CIA and 10 hours for other IIA designations can be rolled over)
  • Grace period increased from 1 year to 2 years.
  • A certification will be “revoked” if the holder goes 3 consecutive years without reporting CPE. A certification in “revoked” status cannot be reinstated; an individual with “revoked” certifications needs to retake the exams.
  • If a certification holder enters into grace status, the holder may no longer use their designation. They may begin using the designation again when their status is returned to active.
  • Once revoked, there is no provision to recertify for discontinued certification programs (CCSA, CFSA, CGAP, QIAL).
  • A designation must be in Active status to be moved to Retired status. Individuals remaining in Retired status for more than two years will be required to recertify to restore their CIA or CRMA designation to an Active status.

Refer to table below for a summary of changes.

Summary of Changes

*(changes are BOLD)

Certification ReinstatementIndividuals in Expired status may reinstate their designation by reporting required CPE hours.Reinstatement will no longer be offered starting 1 January 2024. Individuals who move into «Revoked» status will be required to recertify their designation. (Re-apply into the program and pass all required examinations, including paying all fees.) For individuals requesting hardship, please refer to the Certification Renewal Policy.
Surplus (Carryover) CPENot offeredAny surplus of CPE acquired during a calendar year may be used for the following calendar year reporting cycle (20 hours max for CIA and 10 hours for other IIA designations)
Grace Status1 year2 years