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Guidelines for Governance

IIA Norway has launched sector independent guidelines for governance which focuses mainly on internal governance.

The guidelines are translated into English and were presented in a webinar June 8th 2021. The target group for the guidelines are everybody with a responsibility for governance in either private or public organisations and, others who has a role in or interest for governance.

Here you can DOWNLOAD the presentation. You can download the publication HERE.

The Guidelines are not a tutorial, neither are they fashioned to address all the detailed requirements of a given industry and sector specific laws and regulations. The components will address many of these requirements but not necessarily all of them. Users of these Guidelines must therefore adapt the various components to the detailed requirements of their own industry and sector, as well as to the enterprise’s size, complexity, culture etc. The guidelines allow for flexibility in their use. Adherence to the components should be a goal, but some components can have limited relevance in certain situations and especially for smaller enterprises. As an enterprise grows in size and complexity, the need will grow for a clarity of structure, objectives and planning processes as well as risk management and control. The suggested practical approach should assist in this development process.