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Are you ready for the biggest governance change yet?

A sea change is taking place in corporate governance, and it’s all about data. This Tone at the Top is about Data Governance and what Directors need to know now.

Every day, the world produces more than 2.5 quintillion bites of data. This presents a lot of opportunities and an equal number of threats.It is estimated that data regulations could cost the U.S. economy $122 billion per year, or $483 per U.S. adult. However, it could cost directors and boards exponentially more if they are not informed and engaged when it comes to their organization’s approach to data governance.

This issue of Tone at the Top explores the current state of data governance. It outlines why and how organizational leaders should be proactive in their handling of this critical issue, including six data governance questions all directors should ask.

Download the latest issue, share it with your audit committee and board as well as your organization’s senior management, and start the conversation.