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Understanding and Auditing Corporate Culture

This book uses a maturity model to illustrate different levels of corporate governance infrastructure and internal audit function maturity at an organization and the associated and advisory services.


Agile Auditing

Agile IA is an innovative approach that uses Agile software development values, principles, and practices to transform how internal audit engagements are executed. This methodology enhances the internal audit value proposition by facilitating a more agile approach to addressing organizational risk dynamics.

IIA International Guidance

Auditing Conduct Risk

Internal auditors can add value by assessing and reporting on their organization’s conduct risk management.

IIA International Guidance

Auditing Credit Risk Management

Credit risk has always been considered a key risk for financial services organizations and, for a good number of organizations, maybe the most critical risk.

IIA International Guidance

Understanding the Effects of Diversity and Inclusion on Organizations

Research shows that diversity within an organization has a tangible impact on both workplace productivity and organizational value. In contrast, a lack of diversity is a relevant organizational risk.

IIA International Guidance

Developing a Risk-based Internal Audit Plan

This practice guide will help the CAE and internal auditors create and maintain a risk-based internal audit plan.

Veiledere fra IIA Norge

Veileder for Compliancefunksjonen

Veileder for compliancefunksjonen har som formål å beskrive god praksis for compliance uavhengig av bransje, regelverk og størrelse på organisasjon.

IIA International Guidance

Data Ethics – where does internal audit fit?

As the regulatory environment around data ethics evolves, all parties certainly must expand their knowledge of this risk. This brief explores organizational conduct and the potential associated reputational and financial damages for failure to establish proper data governance.

IIA International Guidance

Privacy and Data Protection Part 1

Part 1: Internal Audit’s Role in Establishing a Resilient Framework

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Good Practice Guidelines for the Enterprise Risk Management Function

The target group for these guidelines is organisations that would like to either establish an Enterprise Risk Management function or develop their existing risk management function further.

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