Security in a Work-From-Home Environment

An IIA Global Brief: IT must adapt to new threats and challenges

IT departments within organizations face a constant challenge in dealing with an ever-evolving threat landscape involving the technology used by its employees. The COVID-19 pandemic forced enormous changes in the modern workplace that made this challenge substantially more complex.

Even before this radical change, the stakes and potential losses were huge. According to the FBI, organizations in 2019 lost $1.7 billion to email phishing scams alone. On an enterprise level, the risks were underscored in news reports that hackers stole the usernames and passwords, along with the IP addresses, of more than 900 VPN enterprise servers. According to ZDNet, the information was shared on a hacker forum frequented by ransomware gangs.

Indeed, the threat landscape has grown greatly because of the work-from-home (WFH) scramble that ensued from the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers were suddenly displaced from their offices to their homes as organizations struggled to stay in operation. These employees, some of whom were not tech savvy, suddenly found they needed to become their own IT support desk, setting up their home office. At the same time, they were increasing their organizations’ exposure to potential risk in the process.

In this knowledge brief, Frank Vukovits, CIA, CISA, director of strategic partnerships at Fastpath; and Alex Meyer, director of dynamics AX/365FO development at Fastpath, discuss solutions and suggest free resources to help manage the IT security challenges a WFH environment presents.

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