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The System of Internal Control

What is a system of internal control, what is an ‘appropriate’ system of internal control, and how is the effectiveness of a system of internal control assessed?

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Applying the Three Lines Model In the Public Sector

This release shows the alignment of governance structures in the public sector to The IIA’s Three Lines Model.

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Risk in Focus 2023

The theme of this year’s report is navigating and auditing in the perfect storm of high-impact interlocking.

Etikk og kultur Blogg

KPMG Nordic Ethics and Compliance Survey Report 2022

Undersøkelsen viser at arbeid med compliance nå drøftes i de fleste styrerom i de største offentlige og private virksomhetene.

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Auditing Cyber Incident Response and Recovery

Cybersecurity attacks are increasing as the tools for detecting and exploiting vulnerabilities in networked systems and devices become increasingly sophisticated or commoditized.

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Building an Effective Internal Audit Activity in the Public Sector

Intended to serve as a practical, step-by-step approach for internal audit leaders, this guide summarizes the standards, staffing, and resources needed to successfully plan and implement or improve an internal audit activity in the public sector.

Strategi English

Internal Audit: A global view

An IIA global survey to gain a clearer perspective of the internal audit profession and its professionals.

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Embedding ESG and sustainability considerations into the Three Lines Model

Practical suggestions and examples for integrating sustainability considerations into the key roles and responsibilities within The IIA’s Three Lines Model.

Kvalitet og metode English

Auditing Capital Adequacy and Stress Testing for Banks

Internal auditors working in financial services should understand the international standards and principles of capital adequacy that apply to their jurisdictions. 


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