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Questions for understanding risk management

The holding of a position on a Board or in a control committee in an organisation is a considerable responsibility and may also lead to personal liability.

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Preparing Internal Audit for an External Quality Assessment

This short overview explains some of the key opportunities and threats of an EQA and encourages readers to ensure they properly prepare their IA team for an EQA and choose their EQA assessor carefully.

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Risk in Focus 2020: Hot topics for internal auditors

Risk in Focus is an annual barometer of what CAEs perceive as their organisations’ risk priorities and what is preoccupying their thinking as they prepare their forthcoming audit plans.

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Risk culture beyond ticking boxes

There is a need for organisations to develop a better understanding and a common language for risk culture. In this article I wish to demonstrate how this is possible and what tools are available to guide this process.

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Innovative Approach to Audit Reports

The «10-year challenge» For those who manage to even casually peruse social media from time to time, the te...

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Internal Audit in the insurance industry

The European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA) adopted the Guidance on Internal Audit in the insurance industry.

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Internal Auditors’ Response to Disruptive Innovation

Organizations are embracing innovation and disruptive technology at breakneck speed. While these changes have many positive effects—often improving the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, increasing responsiveness to customer needs, or enhancing a competitive advantage—they are also associated with new and sometimes unknown risks.

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Tanker rundt risikoappetitt

Paul Sobel, styreleder i COSO, var på Oslo-besøk våren 2019. Vi i IIA Norge benyttet muligheten til å høste li...

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What is the greatest risk?

The three steps of cyber risk management improvement .

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