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The Data Dilemma: Empowering Internal Audit’s Use of Technology

When internal audit is outpaced by other parts of the organization in embracing technology, the valuable assurance and advisory services it can provide may also be lagging.

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Auditing Cyber Incident Response and Recovery

Cybersecurity attacks are increasing as the tools for detecting and exploiting vulnerabilities in networked systems and devices become increasingly sophisticated or commoditized.

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Revisjon av cybersecurity – en praktisk tilnærming

I introduksjonskurset til IT-revisjon har vi forsøkt å gi deltakerne innsikt i hvordan man kan gå frem ved gjennomføring av et internrevisjonsoppdrag.

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Auditing Mobile Computing

Internal auditors need to understand common technologies that enable remote work, the significant risks arising from remote access, and standard controls that prevent, detect, or remediate unauthorized access or sharing of information.

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Password security for non-technical users

Forget everything you might have heard about complex passwords and how to make passwords. Here is the cold, hard truth.


Auditing Business Applications

This GTAG helps auditors understand why it is important to provide assurance over business applications and how to identify and assess the relevant risks and standardized and system-specific controls when performing audit engagements.

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Guidance on Remote Auditing

This publication is developed with specialists from the Internal Audit Service from the European Commission for the use of Internal Auditors.

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Using evolving technologies to improve collaboration

New IIA International Guidance on how GRC Softwarec can support Risk Management and Internal Audit.

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