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Nye regler for innrapportering av CPE-poeng

Dersom du ikke rapporterer årlige CPE-poeng, risikerer du nå å miste sertifiseringen din!

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The role of Internal Audit in ESG in the Banking Sector

Position paper from ECIIA on internal audit’s role in guiding ESG developments in banking.

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COSO Guidance on Internal Control Over Sustainability Reporting

Key themes to begin or continue journeys toward establishing and maintaining an effective system of internal control over financial and sustainable business information.

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Top Operational Risk Priorities 2023

Perpetual topic of embedding and increasing ownership in the first line is yet again topping the chart.

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Auditing Network and Communications Management

This GTAG offers a broad set of related processes that internal auditors should consider when auditing controls over an organization’s communications ecosystem.

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Top Operational Risks 2023

New year brings a set of challenges, some new and others very familiar, influenced by a complex web of macroeconomic and geopolitical factors.

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The Data Dilemma: Empowering Internal Audit’s Use of Technology

When internal audit is outpaced by other parts of the organization in embracing technology, the valuable assurance and advisory services it can provide may also be lagging.


European Sustainability Reporting Standards

Are you confused about all the new regulations and reporting disclosures coming from the EU? ECIIA has released its first factsheet to give you an overview on what to excpect.

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Integrated Thinking and Sustainability

The focus of this paper is to show how integrated thinking and reporting, effective internal control, enterprise risk management (ERM), and independent assurance provided by internal audit functions align to help organizations achieve their objectives and meet stakeholder expectations.

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ESG embedding: are you ready?

Embedding sustainability into the business operation require the Board of Directors, the Risk Management and the Internal Audit to cooperate.

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