Questions a Board may ask to understand how an organisation controls its risks

The holding of a position on a Board or in a control committee in an organisation is a considerable responsibility and may also lead to personal liability.

Guidance for the Risk Management Function

This guidance describe current «best practices» for risk management functions regardless of industry, regulations and size of the business.

Veileder for Risikostyringsfunksjonen

Med denne veilederen ønsker vi å beskrive gjeldende «beste praksis» for risikostyringsfunksjoner uavhengig av bransje, regelverk og størrelse på virksomheten.

Guidelines for the Compliance Function

In this guidance we have tried to describe «best practice» for compliance functions regardless of industry, regulation and size. It does not cover the legal requirements to which compliance functions may be subject, rather it introduces the basic principles of the function. Individual adaptations will
naturally depend on each organization’s nature, size and risk profile.

Veileder for Compliancefunksjonen

Beskriver compliancefunksjonens hensikt, ansvar og oppgaver, samt forutsetninger og suksesskriterier på tvers av bransjer (2015)

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