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Risikostyring i en endret verden

Eksempel på hvordan Gjensidige Forsikring identifiserer og vurderer betydningen av eksternt drevne hendelser, mulige risikoer og konsekvenser knyttet til økt geopolitiske spenningen og forstyrrelser i forsyningslinjer.

Kvalitet og metode

Lean & Agile Auditing on demand

Lean and agile techniques provide tools and techniques to eliminate waste, maximise impact and increase value adding activities – key for many internal audit functions.

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Integrated Thinking and Sustainability

The focus of this paper is to show how integrated thinking and reporting, effective internal control, enterprise risk management (ERM), and independent assurance provided by internal audit functions align to help organizations achieve their objectives and meet stakeholder expectations.

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An Introduction to Operational Risk Management

IIA Norge (IIA Norway) has recently developed a new guidelines document concerning operational risk management.

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Operasjonell risikostyring – en innføring

Fire engasjerte medlemmer i IIA Norge har utarbeidet en ny veileder som gir en innføring i operasjonell risikostyring.

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Auditing Liquidity Risk Management for Banks

This guidance, updated from the 2017 edition, gives an overview of international standards and best practices of LRM, including the use of an LRM framework.

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The System of Internal Control

What is a system of internal control, what is an ‘appropriate’ system of internal control, and how is the effectiveness of a system of internal control assessed?

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Applying the Three Lines Model In the Public Sector

This release shows the alignment of governance structures in the public sector to The IIA’s Three Lines Model.

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Embedding ESG and sustainability considerations into the Three Lines Model

Practical suggestions and examples for integrating sustainability considerations into the key roles and responsibilities within The IIA’s Three Lines Model.

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Auditing Capital Adequacy and Stress Testing for Banks

Internal auditors working in financial services should understand the international standards and principles of capital adequacy that apply to their jurisdictions. 

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