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Third-Party Risk Management

A guide to optimizing third-party due diligence, controls, and monitoring so your institution can maximize value from the “mini operational and cultural ecosystems” that are third-party relationships.

IIA International Guidance

Risk in Focus 2024

A major research report has revealed a looming poly-crisis as a series of high-impact risk events are occurring simultaneously and exacerbating a multitude of interconnected risks.

IIA International Guidance

GRC Part 1 Rethinking Risk Appetite from a Non-financial Perspective

How should the growing focus on non-financial risk, including ESG, influence how organizations view their risk appetite, and what can internal audit do to support that examination?

Veiledere fra IIA Norge

An Introduction to Operational Risk Management

There are many definitions of operational risk. In these guidelines the four dimensions of protection of physical assets, people, organisation and technology form the basis of the definition of operational risk, because it has been shown that the root cause of operational risk events are often connected to these dimensions.

Veiledere fra IIA Norge

Operasjonell risikostyring – en innføring

Det er mange definisjoner på hva operasjonell risiko er. I denne veilederen er de fire dimensjonene beskyttelse av fysiske eiendeler, mennesker, organisasjon og teknologi lagt til grunn for definisjonen av operasjonell risiko, fordi det viser seg at rotårsaken for operasjonelle risikohendelser ofte er knyttet til disse.


Operational Risk Management in Financial Services

A practilcal guide to establishing effective solutions.

IIA International Guidance

Risk in Focus 2023 – Board Summary

The key to navigating these circumstances will be for senior management teams and boards to stop seeing these as Black Swan events. They are elements of a continuous storm that will blow through Europe in 2023 and beyond.

IIA International Guidance

Risk in Focus 2023

The theme of this year’s report is navigating and auditing in the perfect storm of high-impact interlocking.

IIA International Guidance

The ESG Landscape part 3

Evaluating ESG Risk.

IIA International Guidance


A Guide to Understanding, Aligning, and Optimizing Risk offers an eye-opening and in-depth examination of the top 12 risks for 2022, along with six key observations from the boardroom, C-suite, and internal audit.

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