Operational Risk Management in Financial Services

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Create real value from operational risk management rather than using a ‘tick box’ approach with this practical guide filled with frameworks, examples and industry poll results.

Technology failures, data loss, issues with providers of outsourced services, misconduct and mis-selling are just some of the top risks that keep financial firms up at night. In this context effective operational risk management is, simply, a commercial necessity. The management of operational risk, defined by the Basel Accord as arising from failures of processes, people, systems or external events, has developed considerably since its early years. Continued regulatory focus and catastrophic industry events have led to operational risk becoming a crucial topic on senior management’s agenda.

This book is a practical guide for practitioners which focuses on how to establish effective solutions and avoid common pitfalls. Filled with frameworks, examples and diagrams, this book offers clear advice on key practices including conducting risk assessments, assessing change initiatives, designing key risk indicators, establishing scenario analysis, drafting appetite statements and carrying out risk reporting. Operational Risk Management in Financial Services also features results from polls taken by risk practitioners which provide a snapshot of current practices and allow the reader to benchmark themselves against other firms. This is the essential guide for professionals looking to derive value out of operational risk management, rather than applying a compliance ‘tick box’ approach.

About the author

Elena Pykhova is an operational risk executive specializing in strategy, design and implementation of firm-wide risk frameworks, based in London, UK. She is a renowned educator, running public and in-house training courses in the UK and internationally for world-leading organisations including the London Stock Exchange Group Academy, the Moller Center Cambridge University and Risk.net. Elena is a thought leader, influencer and founder of a prominent industry think tank, the Best Practice Operational Risk Forum. She is a former Director for Education at the Institute of Operational Risk and chair of the Expert Panel for the Association of Foreign Banks. Passionate about the discipline, she founded her training and consulting practice after 20 years of experience in senior roles at Fortune 500 companies.

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