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IIA International Guidance

The remote auditor

Explore best practices for maintaining and strengthening audit/stakeholder relationships, and examine how the adoption of technology solutions is critical for addressing the remaining remote audit challenges. This report offers options for sustaining a positive workplace culture to meet the new realities of the remote workforce.

IIA International Guidance

Data analytics journey for internal auditors

This global brief helps internal auditors walk the data talk. It outlines the experiences of several internal audit leaders, and also provides recommended tools to guide internal audit functions along the way to drive efficiency, enhance coverage, and allow for the consideration of continuous auditing in certain scenarios.

IIA International Guidance

Are we ready?

Addressing business resilience is a challenge. But it is necessary to meet stakeholder expectations for deeper and broader strategic insights and to gain a sharper understanding of enterprise changes and priorities.

IIA International Guidance

Auditing Procurement in the public sector

This practice guide will help auditors understand public procurement, improve existing procurement processes, and offer advisory services that help organizations plan new procurements.

IIA International Guidance

Assessing Internal Audit Competency

The resulting comprehensive report outlines five key insights that help identify areas where gaps exist in competency and relevance to the auditor’s current position, as well as the perception of their ability to audit key digital technologies.

IIA International Guidance

Auditing Business Applications

This GTAG helps auditors understand why it is important to provide assurance over business applications and how to identify and assess the relevant risks and standardized and system-specific controls when performing audit engagements.

Guidance on Remote Auditing

The purpose of this guidance is to describe what remote auditing is, how to assess whether or not an audit is suitable to be conducted remotely, the tools that are available for remote auditing and how to approach remote auditing in the organization.

IIA International Guidance

Using evolving technologies to improve collaboration

How GRC Software Can Support Risk Management and Internal Audit.

IIA International Guidance

Internal Audit’s Role in ESG Reporting

An overview of risks along with context on the growing sustainability movement.

IIA International Guidance


A Guide to Understanding, Aligning, and Optimizing Risk offers an eye-opening and in-depth examination of the top 12 risks for 2022, along with six key observations from the boardroom, C-suite, and internal audit.

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