Maturity Model for Governance


This Maturity Model for Governance (the Maturity Model) is intended as a governance tool to be used in mapping the level at which the organisation is managed. Using the model may provide insight into the organisation’s current situation and create a basis for improvement, and thus contribute to the organisation’s achievement of goals.

The Maturity Model is based on the IIA Norway’s Guidelines for Governance (The Guidelines) from 2021. The Maturity Model is aimed at the same target group as The Guidelines, i.e., everyone with responsibility for governance in the private or public sector, as well as others who have a role in the governance area or an interest in the topic.

The Guidelines state that governance is about facilitating management and other employees in the fulfillment of their responsibilities and tasks to achieve the organisation’s goals, plan for good risk management and internal control, facilitate efficient and appropriate operations with the necessary follow-up and reporting, and establish effective, independent controls and assurance. The Guidelines break governance down into 17 components divided into four subjects, and this Maturity Model follows the same pattern.