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Hvilken kompetanse trenger du som internrevisor? Kompetansetrapp internrevisjon

Fordypning Virtuelt klasserom
26 Jun 2023 30 Jun 2023

Online: COSO Internal Control Certificate Program

COSO Internal Control Certificate Program offers you a unique opportunity to develop your expertise in designing, implementing and monitoring a system of internal control and a digital badge to display and share with your professional network.

Fordypning Virtuelt klasserom
03 Jul 2023 05 Jul 2023

Online: CIA Part 3 training

The CIA certification means having a key to the vast world of opportunities the profession of internal auditing offers.

Fordypning Virtuelt klasserom
03 Jul 2023 09 Jun 2023

Online: COSO ERM Certificate Program

The COSO ERM Certificate Program offers you the unique opportunity to learn the concepts and principles of the updated ERM framework and to be prepared to integrate the framework into your organisation’s strategy-setting process to drive business performance.

Fordypning Virtuelt klasserom
12 Sep 2023 13 Sep 2023

Online: Radical reporting

Internal auditors must become skilled writers in order to communicate clearly throughout and beyond their organisation. This course is particularly popular with audit, risk and fraud teams, as well as with departments that want to revise their current report structures and templates.

Fordypning Virtuelt klasserom
13 Sep 2023 14 Sep 2023

Online: Process Mining

Process mining is a bit like magic : you import a data set and the process mining tool automatically constructs a process map that shows how your process was actually performed.

e-læring/on-demand Fordypning
01 Jan 2023 31 Des 2023

E-læring: Bærekraft og klimarisiko i finansbransjen

Dette er et redigert opptak av Finansenttverkets seminar 2. juni 2021. Du får tilgang til opptak og foiler ved påmelding.

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