Guidance on Remote Auditing

This publication is developed with specialists from the Internal Audit Service from the European Commission for the use of Internal Auditors.

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Internal Audit’s Role in ESG Reporting

New white paper from IIA: Learn more about how internal audit can support ESG objectives, and how IIA Standards position internal auditors to add value.

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ISO Guidance and the Three Lines Model

Good governance requires collaboration: ISO 37000 and the Three Lines Model, an elegant alignment.

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OnRisk 2022

A Guide to Understanding, Aligning, and Optimizing Risk offers an eye-opening and in-depth examination of the top 12 risks for 2022, along with six key observations from the boardroom, C-suite, and internal audit.

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Realize the full potential of artificial intelligence

Applying the COSO Framework and principles to help implement and scale artificial intelligence.

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Climate Change and Environmental Risk

What role could the internal audit play and what tools can be used, what (additional) expertise is required and how to implement it within the internal audit function?

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Assessing Internal Audit Practices

The Internal Audit Foundation is conducting a global research study to better understand internal audit practices and the current relevance and usage of the IPPF and Standards.

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Remote Auditing

This report outlines the benefits of remote auditing, as well as the abilities auditors will need to successfully do their jobs in the post-pandemic environment.

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Enterprise Risk Management for Cloud Computing

COSO has provided a detailed road map for incorporating cloud computing into enterprise risk management.

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A practical take on agile auditing

Agile auditing, when translated into practical terms, is a simple and straightforward approach to deliver efficient and effective internal audit products.

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