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IIA International Guidance

Privacy and Data Protection

Part 1: Internal Audit’s Role in Establishing a Resilient Framework

IIA International Guidance

Agil Internal Audit

Leading practices on the journey to becoming agile. Download the report to see if your team and stakeholders are ready to adapt.

IIA International Guidance

Keeping the Internal Audit Function Aligned

The thought paper introduces an easy-to-apply method to develop transformation goals, expected progress with relevant stakeholders and includes examples of key performance indicators.

IIA International Guidance

Optimizing Talent Management in an Evolving Audit Landscape

In today’s talent market, audit leaders are losing sleep over how best to maintain functions capable of fulfilling an expanding list of obligations company stakeholders expect of them.

IIA International Guidance

Skills and Staff Rotation

Talent management is important in the internal audit function, in terms of technical abilities and adequate knowledge as well as professional and personal growth of the internal auditors. New skills are required for internal auditors and there are different ways to acquire them.

IIA International Guidance

Auditing Social Media

Many organizations have incomplete social media strategies. They are reactive rather than proactive, and organizations lack many of the processes that are needed to successfully manage an organization’s social media platform.

Guidance AI3
IIA International Guidance

Artificial Intelligence Part 3: IIA’s Auditing Framework

Internal audit should consider numerous engagement or control objectives, and activities or procedures, in implementing the Framework and providing advisory, assurance, or blended advisory/assurance internal audit services related to the organization’s AI activities.

Guidance AI2
IIA International Guidance

Artificial Intelligence Part 2: Auditing Framework

To help internal audit fulfill this role, internal auditors can leverage The IIA’s AI Auditing Framework in providing AI-related advisory, assurance, or blended advisory/assurance services as appropriate to the organization.

Guidance AI1
IIA International Guidance

Artificial Intelligence Part 1 – Considerations for the Profession of Internal Auditing

Internal audit can help an organization evaluate, understand, and communicate the degree to which artificial intelligence will have an effect (negative or positive) on the organization’s ability to create value in the short, medium, or long term.

IIA International Guidance

Unique Aspects of Internal Auditing in the Public Sector

Public sector organizations are expected to serve the public good, uphold the principles of ethical governance, and comply with myriad laws and regulations. Yet the nature of politics may put pressure on, or conflict with, ethical governance principles.

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