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  • Steering committee of the Risk Management Network

    IIA Norway
    • Ayse Nordal
      Senior consultant for strategic planning and risk management
      Ayse Nordal is senior consultant for strategic planning and risk management at the Municipal Undertaking for Educational Buildings and Property in Oslo- Norway. Nordal holds B Sc. and M Sc. in economics and statistics and Licentiate in applied social economics and macroeconomics. Nordal has accredited risk manager certificate. Nordal has teaching experience from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) as well as the Bergen College of Engineering. Further she has long experience from banking as controller, head of operations, as advisor at the internal audit and as deputy managing director. She has also consulting experience from PriceWaterhouseCoopers, where risk management and internal controls were her areas of specialty.
      During the last years she had executive positions as the leader of the Norwegian National Registry of Population, Head of State Accounts and Reporting and as Finance Director at Manpower, Norway.
    • Janicke Getz
      Controller in the Norwegian Directorate of Health
      Janicke Getz is controller in the Norwegian Directorate of Health which is organized under the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services. Janicke’s main responsibility is the development and implementation of Risk Management and Internal Control within her organisation. Other tasks include the establishment of Internal Audit and coordination of communication with the Office of the Auditor General.
    • Janne Britt Saltkjel
      Senior Operational Risk Expert and heading “Regulatory office” in Nordea’s Group Operational Risk
      Janne Britt Saltkjel is Senior Operational Risk Expert and heading “Regulatory office” in Nordea’s Group Operational Risk. Nordea is the largest bank in the Nordics and defined as one of 28 globally systemic important finance institutions (G-SIFI). Janne has her degree from NHH and has worked more than 20 years as consultant, specialist and manager within risk management related areas, covering operational and credit risk management, internal audit, anti-corruption, compliance and governance.
    • Martin Stevens
      Audit director at Gjensidige Insurance, Norway
      Martin Stevens is Audit director at Gjensidige Insurance, Norway. The Gjensidige Group is a leading Norwegian-based general insurance corporation servicing the Nordic and Baltic countries. Apart from working as a qualified auditor Martin has held a variety of line management positions spanning form the operational side as head of settlements in banking and CFO in a commercial company to Controller, Risk manager and risk management consultant.
    • Ole Martin Kjørstad
      Special Advisor in Norges Bank’s internal audit
      OIe Martin Kjørstad works as a Special Advisor in Norges Bank’s internal audit, which covers the operations of the Norwegian central bank and the investment activities performed through Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM). He holds previous experience as a consultant from BDO and PwC, with primary focus on corporate governance and risk management as well as internal audit. As a consultant, he has broad industry experience, including banking, insurance, retail, industry and technology. Ole Martin also holds experience from financial auditing, and is educated MSc. in Business and Economics, majoring in strategy.
    • Petter Kapstad
      Petter Kapstad was responsible for building up Statoil's ERM function, which he headed for 14 years. Statoil's ERM included at that time Insurance, credit, operational risk, strategic risks as well as market risks! Petter has many years of experience as advisor for a number of international companies in implementing ERM, and also as advisor for different Boards and Board members. For a number of years he headed Eksportfinans Norway's Control Committee.

      Petter is a regular speaker at conferences on the subjects of ERM and Risk Management generally. Statoil's ERM has been a topic in many articles, the latest being the KOLBE Series in Finance published by Wiley "IMPLEMENTING ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT" - Case Studies and best Practices, where Statoil's ERM is described.
    • Stian Sviggum
      Director in PwC Risk Advisory Service
      Stian Sviggum is Director in PwC Risk Advisory Services in Oslo, Norway. He has an MSc in physics at Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Stian has more than 10 years' experience as advisor/consultant, 2 year as project manager in IT infrastructure projects, and 3 years' experience with governance, operational risk and internal control at Norges Bank Investment Management (the Norwegian “oil fund”).

      Stian has throughout his career focused on governance and risk management (ERM, Operational Risk and project risk management). In PwC he has been project manager in ERM implementation projects, internal audit of ERM / OpRisk management and GRC tool procurement and roll-out projects. Most of the clients are among the top 20 listed companies in Norway.
    • Randi Bolsø Hardy
      Senior adviser at the defense staff of Norway
      Randi B Hardy is Senior Adviser at the defence staff of Norway and has been awarded a diploma in Internal Auditing from IIA Norway.

      Randi B Hardy works in developing ERM at the Norwegian Ministry of Defence combining performance, results and risk management. In addition her remit includes coordinating matters arising from internal and external audits and implementing and facilitating maturity evaluations/self-assessments to be performed by middle management within the areas of corporate governance, risk management and internal control.