Copliance & Kaffe: Status og trender

Compliance-reisen; hva er status og trender blant Nordiske virksomheter i arbeid med etikk/ESG og etterlevelse?

Online: Auditing climate risk and environmental sustainability: A Masterclass

This new course for 2024 puts the “E” into ESG! Spend a full day thinking about climate change, biodiversity and environmental sustainability concepts, best practices, and current developments from across the private, public and third sectors.

Online: Auditing ESG – Environment, Social, Governance: A strategic overview

This course will show you where you can begin to provide effective, professional internal audit assurance on these critical subjects, enabling you to deliver well-received engagements that deliver the insight our boards need.

Online: Auditing Corporate Governance: A Masterclass

This course will improve your ability to provide effective, professional insight and internal audit assurance that moves beyond a tick box approach, identifying the real underlying corporate governance risks faced by organizations.

Online: Practical Application of Key Root Cause Analysis Techniques

Building on the one-day introduction to RCA, this new one-day course helps guide audit teams on how they can apply RCA key techniques in practice.

Online: Assurance mapping & co-ordination

Learn how to measure other assurances (in the first and second lines) and best practices for audit planning leveraging such information.

Online: Preparing for an external quality assessment

This workshop is an invaluable tool to help avoid any significant findings as well as learning how to turn this process into a positive experience that can galvanise the audit team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Online: Incorporating Root Cause Analysis into an Audit Methodology and work programmes

The new IIA Global Internal Audit Standards requires that Internal Auditors (IA) implement a process for Root Cause Analysis (RCA) as part of their documented audit methodology. It also requires that they report best practices and root causes to senior leaders and the board/audit committee.

Online: Radical reporting

Internal auditors must become skilled writers in order to communicate clearly throughout and beyond their organisation.

Online: ESG Certificate – Internal Auditing for Sustainable Organisations

This certificate program is designed to enhance your current understanding of ESG concepts, including ESG reporting.

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