Hybrid: Hvordan kvantifisere risiko?

I dette kurset får du en innføring i hvordan ulike risikoer kan kvantifiseres.

Online: Förberedelsekurs inför CIA 1

En CIA-certifiering öppnar dörrarna till den stora värld av möjligheter som internrevision erbjuder. Certifieringen utgör en stämpel som bekräftar dina kunskaper, färdigheter och kompetens, styrker ditt engagemang för yrket och bygger upp din trovärdighet.

Online: Radical reporting

Internal auditors must become skilled writers in order to communicate clearly throughout and beyond their organisation.

Online: Introduction to Information Systems Auditing

This intensive course provides the perfect starting point for someone new to Information Systems Auditing. This course aligns to the latest standards and best practice approaches and is updated each year.

Online: Critical thinking

Nowadays, critical thinking one of the most important skills to have. Internal auditors, risk and compliance professionals at all levels will benefit from the practical applications shared in this course.

Online: Root Cause Analysis

Learn about key RCA techniques, going beyond the 5 whys technique, including 3 way 5 whys, the fishbone diagram (but with IA specific categories) and causal loop mapping.

Online: ESG Certificate – Internal Auditing for Sustainable Organisations

This certificate program is designed to enhance your current understanding of ESG concepts, including ESG reporting.

Online: EU Financial Services for Internal Auditors Certificate (CFS-EU)

EU Financial Services for Internal Auditors Certificate, a facilitator-led specialty certificate program, will provide you with critical intelligence, guidance, and practical applications to advance a career in financial services internal auditing.

Online: The role of Internal Audit in ESG

In a changing world, ESG becomes a determining factor for companies in terms of compliance, attractivity, talent retention. How can and will Internal Audit assess that companies are applying and evaluating continuous changing regulations without impacting companies’ growth.

Online: Process Mining

Process mining is a bit like magic : you import a data set and the process mining tool automatically constructs a process map that shows how your process was actually performed.

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