Stakeholder Expectations

Understanding what drives executive management and the board will help position CAEs and the internal audit department as integral components of an organization’s business

COSO Enterprise Risk Management – Integrating with Strategy and Performance

The most widely recognized and applied risk management framework in the world, Enterprise Risk Management - Integrating with Strategy and Performance addresses the evolution of enterprise risk management and the need for organizations to improve their approach to managing risk to meet the demands of an evolving business environment. This new version replaces Enterprise Risk Management—Integrated Framework from 2004. Medlemmer får kr. 200,- i rabatt som trekkes fra på tilsendt faktura.

2017 COSO ERM Framework Update​

The updated document, now titled Enterprise Risk Management—Integrating with Strategy and Performance, highlights the importance of considering risk in both the strategy-setting process and in driving performance.

Proposed Global IIA Governance Changes

The IIA’s Global Board of Directors proposes key changes to our current global governance structure. As a member of The IIA’s global association, you have the opportunity to provide your opinion on the proposed changes.

Ny guide: Engagement Planning

All internal auditors will appreciate how this practice guide covers elements of engagement planning – from understanding context to information gathering, and risk assessment to establishing objectives and scope.

Søk om å bli Diplomert Internrevisor

Nå er det igjen tid for å kunne søke om å bli Dipl.I.R. - Diplomert Internrevisor. Diplomeringsordningen forvaltes av IIA Norges Diplomeringsnemnd. Nemnda består av tre medlemmer med IIA Norges styreleder som leder. Søknader sendes sekretariatet.