Aligning Internal Audit

Aligning Internal Audit Activities and Scope to Organizational Strategy: How business environment and Organizational Strategy impact internal auditing is a new report from Internal Audit Foundation.

Effective Workpapers

Developing quality workpapers requires skill, including the ability to gather sufficient, competent, reliable, and useful audit evidence. This Global Knowledge Brief gives you an introduction to the basics of effective workpapers.

Søk om å bli Diplomert internrevisor

Nå er det igjen tid for å kunne søke om å bli Diplomert internrevisor ( Diplomeringsordningen forvaltes av IIA Norges Diplomeringsnemnd. Nemnda består av tre medlemmer med IIA Norges styreleder som leder. Søknader sendes sekretariatet.

Agility and Innovation

The modern internal audit function needs to tie traditional audit activities more closely to the organization’s strategic objectives and risks. To assist internal auditors with getting on the path to agility and innovation, this report concludes with five steps they can take now to put the wheels in motion.

IIA Enhances Governance Structure

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) has announced that its global membership approved changes to the organization’s governance structure, reducing the number of members on the Global Board of Directors to 17 from 38, and establishing a six-member Supervisory Committee.

Internal Audit Competencies

Discover the key competencies for the profession of internal auditing and learn how to build competencies for success by reading this Global Knowledge Brief from the IIA.