Gratis innmelding til CIA-programmet i mars

Vurderer du å ta de tre eksamene som leder frem til Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) tittelen? Da kan vi glede deg med at i hele mars kan du søke om opptak til programmet uten vederlag. Du må fortsatt betale for hver eksamen, men selve innmeldingen til sertifiseringsprogrammet er gratis. Les mer på

New Implementation Guidance for Code of Ethics

The IIA has released new guidance for implementing its Code of Ethics. Each of the four Code of Ethics principles ― Integrity, Objectivity, Confidentiality, and Competency ― are accompanied by specific rules of conduct.

CRMA Job Analysis Survey

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) is reviewing and evaluating the content of the Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA) examination to ensure that it remains current and relevant to the global practice of risk management assurance.

IIA søker strategiske influencere

Navet i foreningen er våre medlemmer! De tillitsvalgte driver navet rundt. De tillitsvalgte setter agendaen for de aktiviteter foreningen tilbyr. Det er de som er foreningens strategiske "influencere".

Auditing Capital Adequacy and Stress Testing for Banks

This new practice guide, developed for financial services auditors but useful to any auditor working with statistical models and capital, focuses on how to provide assurance that an institution is well capitalized to meet the guidelines and prepared for cyclical business changes.

How internal audit leaders can address gaps in critical skills

CAEs challenged by growing stakeholder expectations have options to expand skills within their departments, including outsourcing and new hires. But resource limitations and competition for new talent make upskilling — training existing staff on new skills — a viable and affordable option.