Internrevisjon i nyhetsbildet

Sterk kritikk av forsvarssjefen i nigeriabåt-saken Flertallet i kontroll- og konstitusjonskomiteen kommer med krass kritikk av forsvarssjef Haakon Bruun-Hanssen i saken om salg av utrangert norsk forsvarsmateriell. Les mer Kilde: ABC Nyheter

A Hard Look at the Soft Stuff – Auditing Culture

Reminiscent of major business scandals at the turn of the century, culture is front and center again with calls for organizations to fix weak cultures that contribute to corporate misconduct. This area is not new to the internal audit profession. We have audited soft controls and tone at the top, but it is time to step […]

Auditing the Public Sector

Auditors in the public sector face a unique set of challenges, given that they must satisfy both their internal stakeholders — chief executives, boards, divisional service heads — and also be accountable to both politicians and the public. This report aims to assess how well they are coping with that mandate and how they might […]