Internrevisjon i media

Internrevisjonen i Avinor Oslo lufthavn har avdekket det som kan være brudd på arbeidsmiljøloven og kontraktsbestemmelser hos en leverandør, mens internrevisjonen i Vegvesenet håndterer et varsel om at Vegvesnet har utbetalt millionbeløp til Mesta uten dokumentasjon.

Helhetlig antikorrupsjonsprogram

Les rapporten til Nærings- og fiskeridepartementet om korrupsjonsregelverk, antikorrupsjonstiltak og eierstyring. Rapporten sammenstilling også norsk, amerikansk og britisk korrupsjonslovgivning og oppstiller forslag til et helhetlig antikorrupsjonsprogram.

Which are the best paying jobs?

A study out of Europe shows internal auditors typically draw higher earnings than their counterparts in external auditing firms and accounting professions. Internal auditors make about 21 percent more money than consulting auditors, especially in the financial sector.

CEO and Chairman

Discussions of corporate governance often end up at the same place – the boardroom. Increasingly, the debate centers on leadership structure and how power is appropriately balanced.

Benchmarking Internal Audit Maturity

How mature is your internal audit department — or how mature can it be? Assessment of the internal audit department’s maturity is important because it helps build strategies to bridge the gaps between expected and realized internal audit quality.

Women in Internal Auditing

The 2015 CBOK survey revealed several important differences between men and women in internal auditing that may tend to influence career success. There were also notable differences in the tools used by male and female CAEs to assess internal audit quality.

Root Cause Analysis – An important tool!

RCA is about identifying why an issue occurred compared to simply reporting the issue, or its immediate, or contributing, causes. Associated with RCA is the question of how to analyse themes from audit assignments in order to reveal key underlying problems in governance, risk and compliance that may need senior management or board attention.

Auditing Smart Devices

An Internal Auditor’s Guide to Understanding and Auditing Smart Devices, is designed to help internal auditors better understand smart device technology and empower them to ensure the benefits are maximized while the risks are minimized.