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IIA International Guidance

Embedding ESG and sustainability considerations into the Three Lines Model

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development and The IIA collaborate to offer practical suggestions and examples for integrating sustainability considerations into the key roles and responsibilities within The IIA’s Three Lines Model.

IIA International Guidance

Auditing Capital Adequacy and Stress Testing for Banks

Internal auditors working in financial services should understand the international standards and principles of capital adequacy that apply to their jurisdictions.

IIA International Guidance

ESG: Key aspects and questions

ESG implies risks and opportunities and should be integrated into the organization’s strategy.

IIA International Guidance

Internal Audit and ESG criteria

Companies’ increasing awareness of their social responsibilities – also called sustainability– in relation to their performance in managing the environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, requires them to include these aspects in their business models and
investment strategies and to assess their impact on profitability, liquidity, reputation and relationship with wider society, among other factors.

IIA International Guidance

Cyber security,a systemic risk to watch over

This report provides a comprehensive overview to help Audit Committee members properly prioritize and monitor one of the greatest business risks.

GTAG: Auditing Cybersecurity Operations: Prevention and Detection

Cybersecurity operations can be categorized into three high-level control objectives: security in design, prevention, and detection.

Veiledere fra IIA Norge

Modenhetsmodell for virksomhetsstyring

Denne modenhetsmodellen for virksomhetsstyring (Modenhetsmodellen) er ment som et verktøy og hjelpemiddel for å kartlegge hvilket nivå man ligger på i styringen av virksomheten, altså modenhet i virksomhetsstyringen.

IIA International Guidance

The ESG Landscape part 3

Evaluating ESG Risk.

Privacy and Data Protection Part 2

Internal Auditors’ Views on Risks, Responsibilities, and Opportunities.

IIA International Guidance

The ESG landscape part 2

Implementation, reporting, and internal audit’s role

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