Dear colleagues,

We invite you to participate at the research related to the relationship between learning culture of organizations, learning processes in internal audit departments and performance of internal audit. This research is performed by Dragan Vucic, researcher at Louvain School of Management in Belgium and internal audit professional, and is a part of a broader study of advanced change of position and status of internal audit within organizations with all capabilities and resources which internal audit possess. Internal auditors possess knowledge, experience and quality to support and help any organization in accomplishment of their business goals, taking into account all regulations and boundaries of professions, on one hand, but also vision and attitude of organization against internal auditors on another.

Hope you will find the topic interesting and we invite you to participate by filling the questionnaire in. The questionnaire is created in English and is available until November 30 at link:

Upon finishing the results will be presented to members of IIA Norway.

It is also important to state that answers will be kept anonymously and confidentially.

In case you need more information about the research or the author of the research you can check his profile at  or to contact him at