Blockchain and Internal Audit

What steps, if any, should the profession be taking in response to this transformational technology? This research paper provides internal auditors in various types of organizations with a basic framework for assessing their current level of blockchain technology preparedness.

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Internal Audit in the insurance industry Guidance

The document aims to enhance the overall effectiveness of Internal Audit, and its impact in the European Insurance industry. It interprets the high level principle based requirements for Internal Audit functions in the insurance undertakings, set under the Solvency II framework.

Innovative Approach to Audit Reports

Learn about an innovative approach to developing audit reports for operational and implementation audits. This brief details the link between findings, maturity, and overall report ratings, and offers best practice examples for organizing and presenting content within audit reports.

Fraud and internal audit

Organizations should have robust internal control procedures to limit the risk of fraud, and internal audit’s role is to assess these Controls. Read the IIA Position Paper: Assurance Over Fraud Controls Fundamental to Success.

Assessing the Risk Management Process

This guide will aid the internal audit activity in developing approaches to review and assess the effectiveness of an organization’s risk management processes and strategies, regardless of the activity’s size, maturity level, or resource level.