CIA Examination Preparation Course

28.01.2019 - 29.01.2019 Kl. 09:00 - 17:00 IIA Norge i Kommunenes Hus

The CIA designation is the only globally accepted certification for internal auditors and remains the standard by which individuals demonstrate their competency and professionalism in the internal auditing Field. With Computer-Based Testing you can sit for the CIA-exams anytime. With the IIA’s CIA Learning System you can study the contents in your own pace. However, if you need a kick-off or some help in preparing for the different CIA-parts, we are happy to inform you about our CIA preparation courses lead by Carl Proctor with The Chartered IIA UK & Ireland.

You have the options of signing up for one of the days only, or both days. Day one focuses on Part 1 and 2, and day two is dedicated to part 3. These parts are considered the core global syllabus of the CIA exam. All courses will be held in English.

During these two days we will go through various topics covered in all the parts, have group discussions, and explore an efficient and systematic method for approaching a complex test. We learn how to prepare for the CIA exam and analyse different types of questions that illustrate different ways a question can be asked in the test. Read the full agenda for both days HERE.

We recommend all participants to prepare for the course in advance by using the CIA Learning System.

CPE: You will get 8 CPEs for each day.

1. Attendance one day: 3 800 / 4 500 (non-members)
2. Attendance two days: 7 500 / 8 500 (non-members)
3. The CIA Learning System: 3 800 / 5 500 (non-members)
4. SPECIAL OFFER: Both days + the CIA Learning System: 9 900 / 12 500 (non-members)

Please indicate which days you would like to attend upon registration.

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