Advanced General Writing Tips and Executive Summary Strategies (ESS)

ESS is a one-day workshop that focuses on strategies for writing executive summary material. This workshop provides auditors with techniques and tools to inform senior executives quickly and succinctly about the extent to which risk is being managed.

Online: Audit Communication Strategies (ACS)

ACS is a one-day online workshop that focuses on strategies for reporting audit comments to auditees and business leaders. This workshop provides auditors with techniques and tools to create audit reports that inform, add value and drive action.

Online: CIA Part 3 training

The CIA certification means having a key to the vast world of opportunities the profession of internal auditing offers.

Online: The practice of Agile internal auditing in your mission

This highly interactive practical training uses a workshop format, sharing ideas and practical examples to understand why and how Agile Auditing can be applied in audit missions.

Operational Risk Training

This interactive and practical two-day course has been structured to provide the delegates with a broad knowledge of core tools and concepts, as well as address new emerging themes.

GDPR 4 år etter– hva bør nå være på plass?

Finansnettverket har satt sammen et spennende program som vi tror kan være med å belyse hva som er, eller nå burde være, status på GDPR arbeidet i Norge.

Online: Internal Audit Analytics – Data & Visualisation – ‘hands-on’

The digitisation of organisations is forcing Internal Auditors to rethink their approach to data and become more ‘hands-on’. This course takes you on a rapid tour of how to get the most out of MS Excel software.

Online: Introduction to Information Systems Auditing

This intensive course provides the perfect starting point for someone new to Information Systems Auditing. This course aligns to the latest standards and best practice approaches and is updated each year.

Online: How to be an effective and holistic Fraud Detective

This series of webinars is designed to provide you with an insight into the extent of fraud and how you are able to identify, control and deal with it in a changing world.

Helhetlig virksomhetsstyring – prosesser, datadrevet innsikt og etterlevelse

Å sikre god virksomhetsstyring innebærer i dag bruk av teknologi og hensiktsmessige verktøy for å håndtere, analysere og fremstille data.

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