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Webinar – Workiva Presents: Retaining and Attracting Talent in an Evolving ESG Landscape

In recent years, a combination of unprecedented external disruption, increased stakeholder expectations and shifting employee priorities have combined to transform the job market across almost every sector.

For internal auditors, this change is even more pronounced, as it comes at a time when their role within the organisational framework is being reimagined. As businesses tackle new challenges, internal auditors have the opportunity to take on a more strategic role at the decision-making table, forging an exciting new career path that will attract and retain top talent.

During this session, we will be focusing on two key areas of opportunity for internal audit and their impact on staff attraction and retention: evolving environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements and new technology. We’ll be exploring how these areas of transformation can open doors for a new generation of internal auditors, leading to improved staff engagement, job satisfaction and performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Become familiar with the contributing factors to the “Great Resignation” specifically related to audit team members
  • Gain clarity on what candidates are looking for at different stages of their careers
  • Discover the impact technology can have on improving auditor satisfaction, and
  • Learn how leveraging analytics and machine learning can both improve auditor satisfaction and retention, and improve overall internal audit performance.


This is the second of three ESG-webinars presented by Workiva. The next event takes place:

How to secure funding for your GRC + ESG program, 18. January from 09.00 – 09.30.


You will receive 0,5 CPE for attending each webinar.