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Webinar: Internal Audit Standards Are Changing

With input from more than 100 Affiliates, 4,000+ practitioners, and other relevant stakeholders, the review concluded that the current IPPF no longer meets expectations for driving internal audit performance into the future. As the project continues to evolve, we need your support in keeping your members and stakeholders involved.

The IIA kicked off the IPPF Evolution project in 2021, with an objective to modernize and transform the IIA Standards and ensure their relevance and responsiveness to today’s challenges. The IPPF Evolution project seeks to promote consistent global internal audit practice and to enhance internal auditors’ ability to help organizations achieve their objectives. 

This webinar will provide the latest information about the progress of the IPPF Evolution, including a projected timeline, from the exposure and comment period to publication and effective dates. Attendees will learn about newly proposed changes,* such as the:

  • Purpose of Internal Auditing.
  • New structural organizatione of the Standards.
  • Revised Principles.
  • Standards to address timely and emerging issues.

*All subject to change based on responses to the 90-day public exposure.

You will get 1 CPE for attending.

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