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Virtual Classroom: Introduction to Business Ethics, Compliance and Anti-Corruption

This module based course gives participants a solid understanding on how ethics, compliance and anti-corruption is typically organized and how that would can be integrated into internal audit initiatives.

Ethics, Compliance and anti-corruption has become an increasingly important issue companies to fight against unethical behavior and corruptive practices.

The course will be held as 3 seperate modules. You can attend one ore more, but we do recommend you follow all three.

Module 1: Introduction to Business Ethics, January 27th
Module 2: Ethics & Compliance Programs , February 10th
Module: 3 Anti-corruption, February 17th  

Course Objectives

  • Understand why business ethics and compliance is important
  • Understand the key building blocks of organization’s ethics and compliance / anti-corruption programs
  • Understand the typical schemes of corruption and bribery in Nordic organizations operating locally and internationally
  • Identify tools, techniques, and strategies for auditing ethics & compliance programs
  • Describe strategies for gaining acceptance and support from management to foster ethics & compliance.

Module 1: Introduction to Business Ethics (January 27th) 

Why ethics & Compliance matters

  • Defining ethics & compliance
  • Why “Enron” keeps happening?
  • Insights from Nordic Business Ethics Survey results

Ethical blindness

  • What is ethical blindness
  • Red flags – How to identify ethical blind spots of an organization
  • How to fight ethical blindness

Role of internal audit in fostering ethical climate – and practical tips how to do it

Assigning home work: Case studies of Wells Fargo and Enron case studies: What can we learn?

Module 2: Ethics & Compliance Programs (February 10th)

Ethics & Compliance Programs  – Prevent

  • Ethics & Compliance risk assessment
  • Compliance organization
  • Policies and procedures
  • Training and awareness

Ethics & Compliance Programs  – Detect & Respond

  • Whistleblowing channels
  • Investigation process
  • Discplinary measures

Role of internal audit in Ethics & Compliance

  • E&C Organization
  • Ethics & compliance committee
  • investigations
  • Auditing compliance program

Assigning a homework: Case Ericsson – Evaluation of the internal controls against corruption

Module 3: Anti-corruption (Feburary 17th)

Anti-corruption – introduction

  • What is anti-bribery and why it matters
  • How to identify attempt of bribery
  • Laws and legislations on bribery

Corruption and bribery in Nordics

  • What’s Nordic corruption (Nordic Business Ethics Corruption study 2020)
  • Legislative framework for anti-corruption

How to fight corruption in practice

  • DOJ guidance on effective (anti corruption) compliance program
  • Internal audit plan for Anti-corruption

Who should attend?

The course is designed for anyone working within internal audit, risk management and compliance who want to enhance their understanding of the elements of an ethics & compliance program and anti-corruption initiatives.


You will receive 3 CPE’s pr. module, 9 CPE’s in total including 2 hours mandatory ethics training.


All modules: NOK 4 500 (NOK 5 500 non-members)
One module: NOK 1 900 (NOK 2 500 non-members)


Entrepreneur, Speaker, Academic researcher, responsible influencer of the year 2019: Niina Ratsula (M.Sc., CIA, CCEP-I, CCSA, CRMA) is an ethics, compliance and internal audit expert working as an independent advisor in the field. Niina is the co-founder of the Nordic Business Ethics initiative, which has published Nordic Business Ethics Survey since 2019.

Before establishing her own business, Niina spent 12 years in multinational corporations (Nokia and Kemira) in leadership roles focusing on ethics, compliance, internal controls and internal audit. She founded Kemira’s Ethics & Compliance program and was also heading the internal audit function.  In 2018 Niina started Code of Conduct Company and is now supporting organizations in building their ethics and compliance programs, ethical leadership and internal audit functions.

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