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Online: Internal Audit Practitioner learning program

The Internal Audit Practitioner designation has been designed to be the first step to becoming professionally qualified and provides access to the CIA for non-graduates.

The Internal Audit Practitioner designation has been designed to support new internal auditors as they take their first step toward becoming professionally qualified. Students will be introduced to the core elements of the International Professional Practices Framework and the International Standards. You can study for the exam by your own, but if you would like us to speed up the process of knowledge, here is your opportunity.

Upon completion, you may enter the CIA (Certified Internal Auditor).

The programme

We have applied all our knowledge and experience in learning and internal audit and have put together an all-encompassing learning programme to support you as you study towards the Internal Audit Practitioner designation.

The Internal Audit Practitioner online learning programme takes eight weeks to complete, with learning outcomes to be achieved each week. The content was written especially for the designation and addresses all the syllabus areas. It also clearly signposts other resources on our website to ensure you get a well-rounded and complete view of the fundamentals of internal audit. 

What you will learn

The syllabus for the Internal Audit Practitioner designation is divided into five syllabus domains, each dealing with a set of standards:

  1. Internal Audit Attributes (IIA Standard 1000, 1100, 1200)
  2. Nature of work (IIA Standard 2100)
  3. Engagement planning (IIA Standard 2200)
  4. Engagement work (IIA Standard 2300)
  5. Engagement communication (IIA Standard 2400)

Click here to download the full syllabus.

How much will it cost?

You can choose to pay for the tuition, application and exam fees as one fee and we will register you with IIA Global, or you can choose to pay for the tuition only and register with IIA Global directly for the application and exam – whichever suits you.

Tuition for IIA-members£ 1 200
Applicaion fee payable to IIA Global$ 75
Exam fee payable to IIA Global$ 150

*If your organisation is in the EU and is funding your training, please supply us with a VAT number.  You will not be liable for VAT and it will not be included in your invoice.

*If you are personally funding your training, then you will be invoiced in Euros and UK VAT (20%) will be added to your invoice for the application, exam and admin fee.  No VAT will be added for the tuition programme.

Virtual classes

The online programme is supported by five virtual classes where the tutors reflect on past topics and introduce new concepts. Students have the opportunity to discuss any issues they may be having as well as clarify some of the trickier parts of the syllabus. 

Quizzes and practice exams

As part of the syllabus, there are quizzes to complete. The quizzes are designed to help you assess your level of understanding as you proceed through the course, culminating in a challenging practice exam that will help you sit your exam confidently.


As an Internal Audit Practitioner in training, you are supported by one of our expert tutors. All tutors are professionally qualified with years of experience in both internal audit and learning. They will help you apply the theory and make the subject matter come to life.

But you can also turn to one of your fellow students and collaborate as you work through the programme.


You can either register for a 8-week or 2-week training. We have a new cohort starting every six to eight weeks. Below is a list of our upcoming scheduled sessions commencing:

8-week schedule:

  • 9. January 2023
  • 6. March 2023

Enrolment for the sessions closes two weeks before the due start date, and you will be able to access the online content one week before the official start date.


Although the course takes eight weeks to complete, you will have access to all the content – including recordings of the virtual classes for a further six months so you can take your time preparing for the exam and take it when you are ready.

Register today

This course is provided by IIA UK & Ireland. Members (or non-members based outside of the UK and Ireland) – register here

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Internal Auditor Practitioner designation, which you can access here.

For any further questions regarding study support, please email: