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Online: Internal Audit Analytics – Data & Visualisation – ‘hands-on’

The digitisation of organisations is forcing Internal Auditors to rethink their approach to data and become more ‘hands-on’. This course takes you on a rapid tour of how to get the most out of MS Excel software.

What will I learn?

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Check up to 100% of the data available to you electronically;
  • Put vital components of Office to work in the most efficient manner; and
  • Manage and manipulate data to create persuasive results during the fieldwork phase of an audit.

The course is accompanied by a full manual with course images and text, a manual of shortcut keys and other speed tactics, and is further accompanied by data to use on course and to take away for further experimentation and practice.

In cooperation with IIA Sweden, we are happy to introduce you to the following:

Course programme

Data analytics and handling – working directly with Excel

  • Checking spreadsheet integrity – locating common sources of error
  • Precedent checking and formulae expansion
  • Recording macros
  • Re‐performance and virtual calculations – a key audit skill
  • Shortcuts and speed-up keys – how to use them
  • Power searching and data location
  • Excel statistics – how to enable
  • Custom filtering
  • Data stratification
  • Pivot tables, Pivot Filtering, Pivot charts and Slicers
  • Creating an audit workpaper with data analytics driven by Pivot Tables
  • Radar charts for entity comparison
  • Rule based conditional formatting
  • Complex sortation

Data Importation and Power Editing

  • Data import into Excel from text, tables, proprietary databases, external websites
  • Data import and data transformation using Power Query Editor
  • MSQRY and the creation of permanent queries
  • Data import via MSQRY
  • Data connections, data merging and data transformation
  • Multi-merging
  • Data connections and fuzzy data merging
  • Editing transformation rules
  • Interacting with data sources to refresh and reuse data

Data graphics

  • Creating dashboards using Excel
  • Creating dashboards using free–standing products such as Power BI and Tableau
  • Embedding charts and images in your reports

Who should attend?

This course is open to all.
NOTE: This is a ‘hands–on’ course and each delegate must bring a laptop to the course with an installed copy of Microsoft Office version 2014 or later. Each delegate must also ensure that they are authorised and able to use working data (comprising example Excel, PDF, TXT and Access files provided on or before the course via memory stick or email attachment) and are able to access, at least, the standard features of a standard installation of Microsoft Excel. The use of a mouse is recommended for some exercises as some features within Microsoft Office cannot be accessed through a touchpad. Delegates who arrive at the course without these defined capabilities will not be able to benefit fully from the course.


  • You will receive 8 CPE for Diplomert internrevisor and CIA for attending this class.

Presented by 

Stan Dormer, Mindgrove Ltd

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