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Process Mining Workshop

What is process mining and who is it for? In this workshop we will explain this in detail and give you examples of actual cases and the opportunity to try process mining yourself guided by our trainers.

Process Mining is focused on visualizing a process so that you can understand it, see the key controls points and determine if they are working. Process Mining uses log data to find out what really happens in your business processes so you can find out where focus your optimization efforts.

  • Internal Audit and Compliance – investigate processes, controls and understand root causes
  • Finance – improve and prove efficiency of processes
  • Risk Managers- locate risks based on actual process data
  • Enterprise, Business and IT-Architects – for understanding actual business processes

The background and examples on process mining are general, but for the demonstration and exercises, Minit software will be used. Upon confimation of the registration, a trial version of Minit will be assigned to each participant. Since we do hands on exercises, you would need to bring a laptop with Minit process mining software installed. If you for some reason cannot install the software we have a number of spare laptops available.

08.30 Registration & Coffee
09.00 Introductions
09.10 Understanding process mining
10.00 Hands-on exercises
12.20 Closing comments
12.30 Lunch

The workshop will be in English.

Trainers: from Bizcon.

CPE: Participation in the workshop will make you eligible for 3 CPE points for CIA, CRMA and Diplomert internrevisor.

This is a one time workshop only.