job e-læring/on-demand

E-LEARNING: How to apply the international standards and take your skills to the next level

What is the main competency of an internal auditor? Find out testing your knowledge in a unique way.

Meet SARA – your new colleague who needs guidance on how to perform her daily work as an internal auditor. For five weeks she will live inside your phone and challenge you with daily situations that internal auditor can face in their work.

Communication, industry-specific knowledge, analytical thinking, business acumen, meticulous attention… These are only a few of the skills that qualify a great internal auditor, but learning how to put them into practice is the most important of all.

Discover everything you need to know about the International Standards and how to apply them and take your skills to the next level.

Target group: Internal auditors who want to get a deeper understanding of the International Standards.

CPE: 4 CPE’s for CIA and Diplomert internrevisor