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Online: The basic that matters

At present, with the impact of Covid, many audit teams are questioning some of the basics of their audit approach. Specifically, have we looked at our work programmes and updated these to support with lean & agile ways of working?

Course programme

  • Improve assignment planning – be clear about the “golden thread” between the audit plan and the assignment, so that you don’t lose focus
  • What are the priority areas for a given assignment?
  • How work programmes link to different assignment types (e.g. review, audit or investigation) and the different levels of assurance they provide
  • Using diagrams/tables to explain what is in/out of scope
  • Using flow-diagrams and the lean SIPOC technique to prioritise work when auditing a process
  • Sharing work programme templates – learning when they are too short and when they are too complex
  • Sharing specific examples of control objectives – and how to use these to create a library of key controls that can be leveraged
  • How to test the design of individual controls and how to test whether there are enough or too many controls for a given risk?
  • How to judge the impact of control failure – when it is helpful to do this at an individual level and when it is best done in aggregate
  • Being clear about causes to see the wood for the trees

We will be using Zoom for this session and offer training in advance to get you familiar with Zoom and make sure you are able to log on.

Who should attend?

Internal audit managers and experienced audit staff.

CPE competency areas covered

  • Professionalism
  • Performance (Risk management | Internal control | Engagements)
  • Environment (Organisational strategic planning and management)
  • Leadership and communication (Audit plan and coordinating efforts)


You will receive 7 CPE points for CIA and Diplomert internrevisor for attending this virtual course.


James C. Paterson is a finance professional who then became the Chief Audit Executive for AstraZeneca PLC. Before that he also worked in HR. He has been consulting and training since 2010 and delivers workshops for 12 IIA institutes across Europe, including Albania, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK & Ireland. James has also presented at several 3 IIA International conferences on a range of topics. He is the author of the book “Lean Auditing” which is about new ways of auditing to drive efficiency and effectiveness and added value. His specialist areas of work include Assurance Mapping, Root cause analysis, Audit culture and influencing and political savvy for internal auditors.