Women in Internal Auditing

The 2015 CBOK survey revealed several important differences between men and women in internal auditing that may tend to influence career success. There were also notable differences in the tools used by male and female CAEs to assess internal audit quality.

Root Cause Analysis – An important tool!

RCA is about identifying why an issue occurred compared to simply reporting the issue, or its immediate, or contributing, causes. Associated with RCA is the question of how to analyse themes from audit assignments in order to reveal key underlying problems in governance, risk and compliance that may need senior management or board attention.

Auditing Smart Devices

An Internal Auditor’s Guide to Understanding and Auditing Smart Devices, is designed to help internal auditors better understand smart device technology and empower them to ensure the benefits are maximized while the risks are minimized.

Tre nye Implementation Guides fra IIA

IIA har i løpet av sommeren ugitt tre nye veiledninger, "Implementation Guides" til standardene 1010 Anerkjennelse av definisjon av internrevisjon, de etiske regler og standardene i instruksen, 2500 Overvåking av framdrift og 2600 Rapportering av aksept av risikoer .

Internal Audit as Trusted Cyber Adviser

While it would not be practical for someone to know everything about a topic as complex and fast-changing as cybersecurity, it has become essential for a chief audit executive (CAE) or head of internal audit to be cybersecurity-savvy.

20 Questions Directors Should Ask about Internal Audit

This document provides an essential checklist of questions and responses that reflect the changing landscape of evolving roles in governance, risk, compliance and future value. The document is intended to inform insightful discussion among directors, audit committee and board members, management, and internal audit professionals.

IIA ringing the New York Stock Exchange opening bell

In a ceremony before the opening bell, an executive of the NYSE praised the work of The IIA, and indicated the pride the exchange felt in featuring our brand as part of today’s opening bell proceedings. It was a significant event that raised awareness about The IIA and our profession throughout the business community.