Auditing Model Risk Management

This practice guide provides an overview of key areas related to model risk management including business significance, regulatory requirements and expectations, and model components.

White Paper – Good practice internal audit reports

The purpose of this White Paper is to demonstrate how Internal Audit can better report on the results of audits by putting into practice several of the ‘core principles’ articulated in the ‘International Professional Practices Framework’ (IPPF).

Internal Audit in the Age of Disruption

A challenge for internal audit executives is to perceive disruptions in their true form. Recognizing what is coming and providing insight to the organization on how to harness disruptive power is truly valuable.

Reisebrev fra toppmøte i Panama

IIAs strategiske toppmøte, Global Council, er nå avholdt i Panama. Utsendinger fra 85 land deltok og Norge var på plass og fremmet våre synspunkter i strategidiskusjonene.