Assurance frameworks, Assurance co-ordination and Audit planning

24.10.2017 - 25.10.2017 Kl. 09:00 - 16:00 Deloitte, Bjørvika

James Paterson, Director at Risk and Assurance Insight in the UK is due to be back in Oslo. Over the course of two days he will give lectures in Audit Planning, Assurance co-ordination and Assurance frameworks. We highly reccommend to attend both days, all though you might attend seperately for one day only.

The first day concentrates on working with other functions, how to share information and how to create an overall assurance picture, including deciding how to “measure” the amount of assurance from others.

The second day concentrates in more detail on good practices in audit planning including how to keep the plan relevant and up to date and how to assess whether there is enough coverage.

Tuesday 24th October


Wednesday 25th October
Good practice ways of working with

·       Risk management

·       Compliance

·       Finance and External Audit

·       Other Assurance activities

Building an audit plan in line with the new IPPF 2017

Looking at strategies, risks and objectives

Outside sources of intelligence

Using inside intelligence

How to measure how much assurance others are providing Developing a robust risk audit universe
Co-ordinating plans Linking up with other assurance providers
Sharing information Presenting the plan
What does a good assurance framework look like? Addressing questions of minimum coverage / resources

One day: members: NOK 3 800,-/non-members NOK 4 500
Two days: members NOK 7500,-/non-members NOK 8 400
Please indicate which days you are attending.

7 CPE for one day and 14 CPE for both days.

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